Jacek Kowalski


Hello and welcome to my website! 

 I am a resident of Mahwah, New Jersey, which is located in the Ramapo Foothills, about half an hour’s drive north of New York City.  A few years ago I retired from a 35 year career as a Molecular Biologist working in vaccine research in the pharmaceutical industry.  After a lifetime of scientific inquiry, I felt I needed to make up for lost time and decided to devote myself fully to artistic pursuits.

 My artistic aims are simple – to produce beautiful images. It is a paradox that the most powerful scientific ideas turn out to be amazingly simple once they are revealed.  Likewise, in photography, the most complex interplay of lighting, composition, contrast, or color can produce a beauty that is instantly recognizable and appears deceptively simple.  Just like in Science, the very fact that this occurs rarely, and never “on-demand”, makes it all the more thrilling when it does.

I have been clicking a shutter for over 50 years, and rarely consciously paying attention to composition and technique. Over the last 5 years I have explored the art and science of photography with the same acumen that I pursued my scientific work.  I have attended a variety of photography seminars and completed courses at the ICP (International Center for Photography) in Manhattan and the Maine Media Workshops.

I am currently the President of the Ridgewood Camera Club, the largest camera club in NJ.

I have entered photographs into shows and competitions at the Ridgewood NJ Camera Club, the NJ Photography Forum, the Ringwood Manor Art Gallery, and the Medford NJ Art Gallery and won several awards. I have also had my own solo shows at the Fairlawn NJ Public Library and the Suffern NY Public Library.

You can contact me at jacekphotoart@optonline.net